Online Meditation For Grief Classes

11 AM PST/ 2 PM EDT / 7 PM BST

11 AM PST/ 2 PM EDT / 7 PM BST
With Heather Stang

Heather Stang, MA, C-IAYT, is the author of Mindfulness & Grief and the guided journal, From Grief To Peace. She is the founder of the Mindfulness & Grief Institute, where she facilitates Awaken, a mindfulness-based online grief group, offers individual sessions, and hosts the Mindfulness & Grief Podcast.

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Support to Help You Cope with the Pain & Continue to Love

Grief is often described as the uncontrollable reaction to loss. Those of us who have lost someone dear know first hand how our emotions, physical sensations, and even behaviors can knock us down right out of nowhere. It hurts! Everywhere. We wonder how we will get through, how we will survive. This is universal, yet very, very painful. This is why I am so grateful for meditation for grief. It is something I can share with you - and practice for myself - to alleviate some of the suffering so you can continue to love and start living again. 

Meditation for Grief classes use a variety of techniques to help you control what you can and cope with what is out of your control.

This includes focusing, mindfulness, compassion, and contemplative meditation techniques that help you navigate different aspects of grief. Some practices will help you "take a break" from intense pain, while others will connection to your loved one, or help you tap into your inner knowing. Taught in a compassionate online group setting, you will experience the power of practicing in a loving community, be guided by the author of Mindfulness & Grief, and have a safe space to share and ask questions. 

Ancient practices are blended with modern grief research to help you develop coping skills, self-care practices, continue to stay connected to your loved one, and find your way to live life after loss. I have offering this practice since 2014, and while my heart aches with each story of loss I hear, it also lights up because I know these practices offer hope and direction even through the most difficult times.

These classes are inspired by my training as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, and my education as a thanatologist.

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About Heather Stang

Heather discovered yoga and mindfulness while she was the CEO of a web development company and diagnosed with a stress-related illness. These contemplative practices inspired her to live a life in service to others, and she became a suicide/crisis hotline call specialist in honor of her uncle who died by suicide when Heather was a child.

Heather relied on her mindfulness training to maintain a calm and compassionate attitude both on the job and at home after difficult shifts. Additionally, Heather volunteered as a trainer and call specialist on the New Orleans hotline just weeks after Hurricane Katrina devastated the region, and she was a research assistant for a NIMH-funded National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Research Project. This experience inspired her to pursue a Masters in Thanatology (Death, Dying & Bereavement Expert) from Hood College, which she earned in 2010.

Heather is on the Advisory Board for the highly regarded military family survivor organization Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), and offers professional training and workshops to organizations including the Association of Death Education and Counseling, Hospice Foundation of America, the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, and the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. She has contributed chapters to Superhero Grief (2020), Intimacy and Sexuality During Illness and Loss (2020), Techniques of Grief Therapy: Assessment and Intervention (2015), and the forthcoming Handbook of Grief Therapies (2021).

Heather is grateful for the giants upon whose shoulders she stands, from ancient beings to her modern-day teachers.