A Meaningful Grief Gift for Your Bereaved Friends & Family

If you know a grieving a loved one who wants to find a way to cope with the pain, get support from a loving community, and create a healthy life full of meaning and hope, an Awaken membership is probably a great fit.

Awaken is an online membership program with live online sessions and resources grounded in contemporary grief research that includes meditation, yoga, and journaling practices. 

Awaken does not replace traditional therapy or healthcare. If your friend or family member has an addiction or psychiatric diagnosis, you will want to discuss this with them first and have them get it approved by an appropriate professional. We know that will ruin the surprise, but it is the healthiest thing to do and ethically necessary.

There are monthly and annual options for both the course & support group package and the standalone course. You will be gifting the first year for annual subscription or the first month for monthly. After that, the subscriber (giftee) will receive an alert that their have the option to renew their membership. You will not be billed for the subscription renewal. 

In addition to Awaken, you may also want to consider Heather's two grief books, Mindfulness & Grief and the guided journal From Grief To Peace.

How to Gift An Awaken Membership

  1. Follow the Join Us buttons to the registration page or use the pricing box below. 
  2. Choose the membership you want to gift. 
  3. Check the box next to "Is This A Gift?" 
  4. Fill out your payment information.
  5. Enter the recipient's name, email, and your personalized message, which will be sent immediately to the recipient.
  6. An account will be created for you to manage your gift, including seeing if it has been redeemed and copying the gift link for your loved one.
  7. Finally, we hope they love it here, but if they don't we will gladly refund your purchase within 30 days. Just reach out to classes@mindfulnessandgrief.