Awaken Grief Support Program

Struggling with the overwhelming heartache of loss? Discover self-care tools to calm anxiety and build resilience. Join live workshops, grief yoga sessions, and a supportive online community, facilitated by thanatologist, yoga therapist, and author, Heather Stang.

Guidance and tools to move you from grief to peace

Are you feeling anxious? Afraid? Like no one understands what you are going through? If so you are in the right place. Here we will cherish your stories, and help you learn how to calm anxiety and take care of yourself as you navigate life after loss. 

You won't feel alone anymore. You'll be part of a community where everyone gets it. Your feelings get the respect they deserve, and you might even make some lifelong friends.

The fog and confusion that comes with grief? It will start to clear up. You'll understand your feelings better and know what you need to move through each day.

After joining Awaken, you'll start to feel more in control. You'll have the tools that help you manage your grief, instead of it managing you. You'll move from just reacting to things to actually having a planned response.

Cope With Your Loss
Get powerful coping skills to help you handle those overwhelming waves of grief.

Boost Your Wellbeing
Go beyond just surviving grief with sustainable self-care practices that build resilience.

Start Living Again
Learn how to weave the love that remains into a full and meaningful life.

All-inclusive Awaken Class Schedule


Meditation & Journaling
for Grief with Heather


Meditation & Journaling
for Grief with Heather


Self-Love Society
with Heather


5:30 PM ET
Yoga For Grief
with Angelique


4:00 PM ET
Monthly Grief Professional Training with Heather

all-inclusive grief support program

A different kind of online grief support program

Awaken has different ways to help you heal—like meditation, moving your body, journaling, and even some expressive arts. You get to pick what feels right for you. That means you're not just following a one-size-fits-all plan; you're crafting your own healing journey.

So in the end, you're not just getting through each painful day—you're building a life that has room for love and resilience. And you're doing it in a way that honors both you and the person you've lost.

Grief Groups with Heather 

Find your emotional footing in a space that's all about you and your unique grieving process. With Heather's expertise in meditation and journaling to guide the way, you'll gain actionable strategies for resilience and well-being. In addition to weekly grief groups, Awaken offers anticipatory grief groups for caregivers twice a month.
Offered Mondays at 2 PM ET and Tuesdays at 7 PM ET.

Grief Yoga with Angelique 

You don't need to be a fitness guru or a yogi to benefit from this experience. Angelique's weekly yoga sessions are designed to help you metabolize your emotions, offering you a physical outlet to release grief's emotional weight and find a more balanced state of being.
Offered Thursdays at 2 PM ET.

Holistic Grief Course

The Mindfulness & Grief Course guides you on a clear path with guided meditations, journaling prompts, and insightful videos, all while leaving room for your unique experiences and needs. Plus you get access to the Awaken Roadmaps, which are short mini-courses to help you navigate grief's most common challenges (like anniversaries and insomnia) with worksheets and other practices.
Available 24/7.

Awaken Community Forum

Feel seen and understood in the Awaken Community, a sanctuary designed for those who crave real connections and expert guidance on their journey through grief. Connect with like-minded individuals who "get it," request a specialized grief buddy, and track your progress through our life-changing modules. This is where genuine connection meets expert counsel, minus the noise of traditional social media.

Available 24/7

see what others have to say

You don't have to grieve alone

Imagine a life where grief doesn't feel as overwhelming, where you have a trusted companion and community guiding you back to peace, calm, and hope. This isn't just a dream; it's what our members experience.

I love the weekly groups, meditations, community , grief yoga and journaling. I’ve learned so much from Heather and the group support is amazing. It helps you gain a perspective from others experiences. I have also learned to face grief as I progressed instead of stuff it. I would say the support is invaluable and never any judgement, I’ve felt accepted from the very first call.

SR // Awaken Member

I don't know how well I would have managed this ongoing grief terrain without Awaken and Heather. I love grief yoga, it really helps move the energy & emotions, and help me be more present in my being, to help process emotions & be more *here*. I have met just some of the best, kindest, truly wonderful people through being in the Awaken community. I am very grateful, and all the better for it.

AG // Awaken Member

Awaken is the best thing I have done to help me get through losing my mom. Awaken has given me language for grief, an invaluable sense that what I'm going through, although terribly terribly hard, is normal. The meetings are the most important things on my calendar each week and when I need support outside of meeting times, the website is full of resources I can access day or night. With Awaken, I don't feel alone in my grief.

AG // Awaken Member

get started today

Start feeling like yourself again

You might be wondering, 'Will Awaken really work for me?' or 'Can I even find the energy to get started?' I know from experience and our testimonials that Awaken can be life-changing. But I also know how hard it is to take that first step - even when you know it may help you reduce overwhelm and exhaustion.

This is why I offer a  30-day money-back guarantee*, so you can give it a try without the risk. After all, there is no point in waiting to get started when there is something available to help you cope with grief and you can get your money back, no questions asked. No one will be turned away because of money however. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, reach out to me directly at classes@mindfulnessandgrief.com.

By joining Awaken, you're investing in a future where you're more resilient, connected, and in control of your emotional landscape. The reward is not just a life lived, but a life enriched, even in the face of loss.

So if you are tired of feeling stuck in the isolating and unpredictable whirlpool of grief, join now to get started in Awaken today.  Without the right tools and community, you may find the journey through grief longer, lonelier, and laden with unnecessary additional suffering. It doesn’t have to be that way. 

I am confident that the tools and community you'll find in Awaken are designed to bring you peace, clarity, and resilience. They will empower you to live a life filled with meaning while honoring the person you've lost. I hope you will join me by choosing your best plan below.

Start Your Healing Journey Today



  • Bonus: 1 Private Session 
  • Pay month-to-month
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Cancel Anytime

* Due to shipping, the free guided journal is available to US/CA Members only

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

*Grief is a very personal experience. If you find Awaken isn't right for you, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. Just email our support team to get a swift refund.

Expert guidance from the creator of the Mindfulness & Grief System

author, thanatologist, yoga therapist

With over 20 years in the field and invitations to speak from major organizations, my expertise is both recognized and sought after. The methodology that Awaken is built upon has even been featured in authoritative texts on grief therapy. But more importantly, my personal journey with grief began at a young age, making my approach not just professional, but deeply empathetic. I look forward to getting to know you better inside Awaken!

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How to know for sure if
Awaken is right for you...

Schedule a Free 20 minute zoom call with Heather and get a personal tour to see if Awaken us right for you.