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From Grief To Peace

Alternating Thursdays 4:00 - 5:30 PM ET

No classes on November 16 or December 28. Scroll to end for full schedule.

Participants who attend all classes or meet make-up requirements
will receive a Certificate of Attendance for 15 Hours.

Are you a yoga therapy professional looking to deepen your understanding and practice in supporting clients through the complex journey of grief? Heather Stang invites you to embark on an exclusive 10-week training program to transform your ability to guide bereaved clients towards resilience, compassion, and self-discovery.

About the Program:

Heather's Mindfulness & Grief System is an expertly designed training program tailored for yoga therapy professionals. This 10-week course explores the essence of mindfulness and compassion, emphasizing unique techniques to help your clients navigate the multifaceted experience of grief.

The program offers 10 live, 90-minute sessions via Zoom focusing on lessons including:

  • Understanding Somatic Symptoms: Empower clients to manage stress and physical symptoms.
  • Expanding Awareness: Guide clients to be present, mindful, and accepting.
  • Cultivating Compassion: Foster kindness, empathy, and understanding.
  • Embodied Mindfulness: Enable clients to experience emotions without judgment.
  • Overcoming Roadblocks: Support clients in overcoming mental hindrances.
  • Exploring Relationships: Aid clients in understanding and evolving relationships.
  • Adjusting to Change: Help clients adapt to life after loss with grace and insight.
  • Closing and Continuation: Encourage an ongoing practice of mindfulness and resilience.

This course goes beyond theory, providing practical and compassionate tools to enhance your yoga therapy practice.

What You Will Get

  • Personal Guidance: Benefit from the personal insights and compassionate teaching style of Heather Stang, an experienced yoga therapist, meditation teacher, and thought leader on self-care for grief.
  • Guided Practice Scripts: Receive Heather's favorite practice scripts and learn how to create your own to incorporate your voice into your offerings.
  • Specialized Practice: Learn how to create practices to help you clients move from grief to peace while maintaining their own values and beliefs.
  • Continued Growth: The course doesn't end after 10 weeks; it's a stepping stone for lifelong practice and professional development through our private Facebook group and optional monthly coaching sessions.
  • Affordable Investment: As a pilot cohort, we're offering this transformative experience for just $350 per student. Future classes will start at $500/cohort.

Join Us Today

We believe grief is not something to be fixed but something to learn live with, and we invite you to help others do the same. Learn how to become a beacon of support, compassion, and wisdom for your bereaved clients.

🌿 Take the next step in your professional journey and embrace the power of mindful grief support. Join Heather's 10-week professional training program today. 🌿

Class Schedule

Introduction: Sept. 21
Lesson 1: Oct. 5
Lesson 2: Oct. 19
Lesson 3: Nov. 2
No Class: Nov. 16
Lesson 4: Nov. 30

Lesson 5: Dec. 14
No Class: Dec. 28
Lesson 6: Jan. 4
Lesson 7: Jan. 18
Lesson 8: Feb. 1
Closing: Feb 15