Meditation For Grief
Course & Support Group

Are you feeling lost, overwhelmed, or anxious after the loss of a loved one? Get the skills and guidance you need in a community that understands and offers more than just words.

Are you struggling to
cope with life after loss?

Awaken helps you navigate through grief, with guided meditations, grief yoga, and journaling prompts delivered online in live classes and through the Mindfulness & Grief Course Library. 

Just $49/month for everything
Including a Free Private Session with Heather

Or Save $98/Year When You Join With An Annual Membership

A different kind of
grief support group

Have you ever attended a grief support group and left feeling worse than when you arrived? While we know grief isn't something that can be fixed, each class gives you skills to tend to your pain so you can...

  • Calm your anxious mind when you can't stop worrying
  • Rest your exhausted body and get the sleep you really need
  • Speak your truth because others just don't understand
  • Be gentle with yourself even though you have been through a lot
  • Tend to what hurts because you are afraid it will be too much
  • Focus on what matters because you feel so overwhelmed
  • Reconnect with who you are now that the unthinkable happened

Go beyond just coping and build resilience to face any challenge

Ease the painful symptoms of grief

From aches and pains to sleepless nights and anxiety

Treat yourself with the care you deserve

Release self-criticism and become your own best friend

Feel understood by people that get you

Weekly groups that go beyond just learning for true connection

Imagine a life where grief doesn't feel as overwhelming, where you have a trusted companion and community guiding you back to peace, calm, and hope. This isn't just a dream; it's what our members have experienced.

Just $49/month for everything
Including a Free Private Session with Heather

Or Save $98/Year When You Join With An Annual Membership

What was missing for me with other grief support groups was tools and validation.

This is such a welcoming, healthy and safe space to process grief. Heather doesn't just lead/administer the group, she hears you, receives your pain in such a beautiful way. If needed shares some wisdom, tools or maybe heartfelt validation. You know you have been heard by someone skillful in grief and others who know your pain all to well. I really needed reliable tools, validation and acceptance in my (complicated) grief journey. This is such a welcoming, healthy and safe space to process grief. I attend the weekly group sessions, its an important part of my week! Its also wonderful to have the opportunity to connect with others we meet during those sessions.

K.N., Awaken Member

Real support free from outdated & dismissive platitudes

There are no passive stages of grief.
There are things you can do that move you forward.

Time does not heal all wounds.
It is what you do with your time that matters.

Toxic positivity helps no one.
Compassion is the greatest healer of all.

Talking about them doesn't make it worse.
It honors your love and the relationship that continues.

You don't need to be strong.
You need to tend to what hurts in an authentic way.

You don't need to get over it.
You will learn how to live a meaningful life with it.

Awaken is based on Heather Stang's 8-step Mindfulness & Grief System published in the Handbook of Grief Therapies,  Mindfulness & Grief, and the guided journal, From Grief To Peace.

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Books by or featuring chapters by Heather Stang

Tara Brach

Heather Stang offers those who are grieving a wise and practical guide.... Mindfulness & Grief will help you find your own inner strength and awakening heart in the midst of great loss.

Robert A. Neimeyer

When we are more firmly grounded in our bodies, as Heather Stang demonstrates, we are better able literally and metaphorically to find a new footing in the world, and to restore a life of meaning and coherence.

Move from grief to peace with meditation, yoga, and journaling

Awaken is a self-care program designed to help you cope with grief and navigate life after loss - all while building resilience that will last a lifetime.

And it’s packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of grief. From coping with the physical symptoms to dealing with anniversaries to creating a meaningful future for yourself and those you love.

PLUS Awaken supports you through professionally facilitated groups in a loving community that knows you are not losing your mind, you are dealing with some really really heavy stuff. 

Just $49/month for everything
Including a Free Private Session with Heather

Or Save $98/Year When You Join With An Annual Membership

I don't know how well I would have managed this ongoing grief terrain without Awaken and Heather.

The groups help to not only learn new tools, but to share connections with others learning to live in & through grief. I love the guided meditations, they help me feel more peace. I love grief yoga, it really helps move the energy & emotions, and help me be more present in my being, to help process emotions & be more *here*. I truly love the community! I call it "My People" because we can understand each other in ways others who haven't met themselves or their grief in the same way that we have learned to do. I have met just some of the best, kindest, truly wonderful people through being in the Awaken community. I am very grateful, and all the better for it.

A.G.Awaken Member

Meet Heather & peek inside
awaken Online Grief Support

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Spend 30 days with Awaken. If you don't feel it is exactly what you need, we will refund your money at your request and without any hassle.

Awaken includes...

  • Quick-Start Roadmaps
  • Course Library & Workbooks
  • Private Community Forum
  • Weekly Group Coaching via Zoom
  • Yoga For Grief Classes
  • Monthly Member Events & Retreats
  • Seasonal/Holiday Workshops
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Just $49/month for everything
Including a Free Private Session with Heather

Or Save $98/Year When You Join With An Annual Membership

Awaken is the best thing I have done to help me get through losing my mom. 

Awaken has not only helped me through the acute stage of grief by giving me a supportive community, but Awaken has given me language for grief, an invaluable sense that what I'm going through, although terribly terribly hard, is normal. The meetings are the most important things on my calendar each week and when I need support outside of meeting times, the website is full of resources I can access day or night. With Awaken, I don't feel alone in my grief.

K.R.F.Awaken Member

Awaken's course library gives you step-by-step guidance with meditation, yoga, & journaling

Lesson 1
Conscious Relaxation
Self-care for your grieving body

Lesson 2
Mindfulness For Grief
Peace in the present moment

Lesson 3
Compassion For All
Care for Yourself & Others

Lesson 4
Skillful Courage
Harness Your Strength & Vulnerability

Lesson 5
Getting Unstuck
 The Space You Need to Move Forward

Lesson 6
Continuing Bonds
Cherish The Love That Remains

Lesson 7
Allowing Transformation
Rewrite Your Life's Story

Lesson 8
Perpetual Mindfulness
A Healthy Lifestyle For Grief & Beyond

Just $49/month for everything
Including a Free Private Session with Heather

Or Save $98/Year When You Join With An Annual Membership

Awaken has given me tools to move thru the process of learning to live with the loss of my partner. 

Those moments when I was just in angst or couldn’t sleep…I could turn to the processes in the modules or things we had shared on calls and find those moments of peace and eventually the moments linked into hours and days and weeks. The community support is amazing…its wonderful to sit with others who just “get it”. You don’t have to explain yourself. Its all been good and depending on what I was experiencing each part was helpful.

S.S., Awaken Member

Finally a place where you feel like you belong

You won't need to bite your tongue, stuff your feelings, or apologize for talking about your loved one in the live groups. And you don't have to pretend that everything is OK when it isn’t.

Tell us your favorite story. Share their photo. If your relationship was difficult, you can talk about that, too. You will feel safe to tend to what hurts, adjust to your new life circumstances, and maintain an enduring connection with your loved one. 

Monday Meditation & Grief Group
11 AM PT / 1 PM CT / 2 PM ET

Tuesday Meditation & Grief Group
4 PM PST /6 PM CT / 7 PM ET

Grief Yoga
11 AM PT / 1 PM CT / 2 PM ET

Awaken has been a lifeline over the past year in coping with the death of my husband.

The meditation practice has been crucial to helping me gain some level of calm and acceptance about life on life's terms. Heather's guided meditations involve the body, the mind, and the heart, and are often exactly what is needed. Her gentle presence is a weekly respite from the relentless pain of grief, and her wisdom about the grieving process helps to normalize all that we experience as we move through it. I'm very grateful to Heather for her book and for creating the Awaken program.

S.A.Awaken Member

Your compassionate guide, Heather Stang

Thanatologist, Yoga Therapist, Author & Podcast Host

Acceptance in the mindful context means that even when the unthinkable happens, we honor our self and our experience with dignity and kindness. Rather than turn our back on our own suffering, we treat ourselves as we would a beloved friend. We take the time to pay attention to the physical sensations, thoughts, and feelings that accompany our pain.

(Heather Stang in Mindfulness & Grief, Page 15)

About Heather

Heather's own journey of love, loss, and posttraumatic growth inspires her passion for teaching self-care for grief to bereaved families and grief professionals. She focuses on meditation, movement, and journaling to help people cope with grief, create continuing bonds with their loved one, and adjust to life after loss in a meaningful way.

She is the author of Mindfulness & Grief, and the new guided journal, From Grief To Peace, and has contributed to numerous grief textbooks and publications. Her online program Awaken is rooted in the Mindfulness & Grief System that she created, and which will be featured in the forthcoming grief textbook, The Handbook of Grief Therapy.

She is the founder of the Mindfulness & Grief Institute, where she hosts the Mindfulness & Grief Podcast and provides training to national healthcare and bereavement organizations. She is a certified yoga therapist with a master's degree in thanatology (death, dying, & bereavement) and over 20 years experience in mind-body therapies.

Heather’s calm and compassionate presence are a healing balm in times of great loss.

Heather offers a unique and effective approach to grief by beautifully entwining grief education with expressive arts, mindfulness, and journaling. Her online programs offer excellent meditations and discussions about grief related issues.... She explains grief so well that you feel as if she walks through the process with you and deeply comprehends the ever changing path of grief. I found her program to be both educational and experiential, an unusual combination in the field of grief. I greatly appreciate her expertise, wisdom, intuition, and compassionate approach. I recommend her programs without reserve! Thank you!

C.C.M.Awaken Member