Awaken For Grief Professionals

Brand new for 2023, Awaken Pro is designed for meditation, yoga, and grief professionals and volunteers who want to sharpen their mindfulness skills for clients and self-care. This is a pilot program.

By joining now you get a 50% discount every month when you use coupon code GRIEFPRO23, plus as an early adopter your opinions will be heard as Heather develops the program. You can cancel at any time, and we offer the same 30 day money back guarantee as we offer bereaved clients.

For now you will have access to guided meditations, worksheets, and training videos, plus monthly group coaching sessions via Zoom where you can pick Heather's brain. This is a per-person membership. For group discounts, please submit a query via our question form.

First session meets Thursday, February 16th, 2023 at 4 PM EST.

We hope you will join and be part of the founding members of Awaken Pro!

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