September 2023 

Grief Events

These events are for Awaken Grief Group & Course members.
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Every Thursday at 2 PM ET
Yoga for Grief with Angelique

This practice combines many forms of yoga, movement, and breath techniques to help student process grief and use it as fuel for transformative healing.  This is more a practice of emotional liberation than of physical flexibility. In grief we often hold pain and it can get stuck in the body.  This compassionate and nurturing space will allow the students to become present to where they may be holding struggle or pain in the body and mind, to then express and release the pain and struggles through movement, breath, and sound, as well as flowing meditations.  This is a space to open the heart and connect us to joy, to release the pain and reconnect back to love in an empowering way. Learn more.

Monday 9/4 at 2 PM ET
Tuesday 9/5 at 7 PM ET
Courage When You Feel Afraid

This week, we're diving into the theme of Skillful Courage, particularly focusing on how to muster courage when fear arises. Together, we'll explore strategies for acknowledging your fears while also learning how to safely and skillfully confront them. This session is designed to empower you with practical tips that can help you take meaningful steps, even when fear tries to hold you back.

Wednesday 9/6 at 4 pm ET
Self-Care for Anticipatory Grief

If you are caring for a family member who is facing cognitive decline or a life limiting illness, chances are you are experiencing anticipatory grief. This session is designed for anyone anticipating the death of a loved one, and mourning the little and not-so-little losses along the way. In this class you will be guided through a relaxing meditation, designed to help you reset your nervous system, discuss your self-care plan for the month, and feel supported as you navigate the complex emotions that come with impending loss. Join us to find strength, solace, and community.

Monday 9/11 at 2 PM ET
Tuesday 9/12 at 7 PM ET
Healthy Habits To Get Unstuck

Feeling stuck? This session is all about Getting Unstuck through the development of healthy habits. We'll discuss the difference between feeling stuck and being stuck, and explore barriers that often hinder our personal growth and learn various ways to overcome them. By the end of our time together, you'll have a toolkit of habits and actionable steps to get you moving forward again.

Monday 9/18 at 2 PM ET
Tuesday 9/19 at 7 PM ET
Writing Your Memories

This week, the focus is on Continuing Bonds as we delve into the world of journaling. I'll guide you in writing your own journaling prompts that focus on maintaining the emotional and spiritual bonds with your loved ones who have died. This is a unique opportunity to deepen your connection with yourself and those you've lost, all while crafting personalized prompts that resonate with your own experience and help you remember always.

Monday 9/25 at 2 PM ET
Tuesday 9/26 at 7 PM ET
Reviewing Your Journal for Self-Reflection

As we round out the month, the theme is Allowing Transformation. Here, we will focus on reviewing your journal entries for moments of self-reflection and growth. Reflecting on your own written words can offer profound insights into your emotional landscape and personal transformation. The aim is to understand yourself better, appreciate how far you've come, and anticipate where you might want to go next.