Awaken Online Grief Support Group

Weekly Zoom support groups

Join a loving community & get the support you need in our meditation and yoga for grief support groups.

Guided meditations & videos

Jump-start your self-care with the Mindfulness & Grief course library based on Heather's beloved book.

Journaling prompts & more

Say what you want to say and find meaning through grief writing prompts and helpful worksheets.

Tap into powerful coping skills and self-care techniques for grief

Grief impacts your whole being. Awaken helps you care for your grieving mind, body, and spirit using evidence-based techniques based on mindfulness, self-compassion, and thanatology - the study of death, dying, and bereavement.

You don't have to grieve alone any longer

Grief can feel really lonely, especially when your friends and family don't get it. Weekly grief groups, grief yoga, journaling, and mindfulness classes will introduce you to a compassionate community in which we support one another.

Facilitated by author Heather Stang

Awaken is based on Heather's Mindfulness & Grief System, which is featured in the forthcoming grief textbook, The Handbook of Grief Therapies. Heather has a warm presence and a compassionate heart, and is also an academic nerd who loves to share wisdom and resources. 


Christine B.

Before this program I was having anxiety and depression. Integrating my self-care practice into my daily life was especially helpful. I am calmer now. Even when I focus on my grief, it doesn't seem as overwhelming.


Awaken was a lifeline for me after my mom passed. I found a group of friends that checked in every week and made life-long connections. The Facebook group was great to share resources or even ask for help. Heather has the most calming voice and demeanor and is so helpful in guiding the mediations and discussions afterwards. The smaller sized weekly groups made me feel comfortable and I always had an opportunity to ask questions or share what came up. It's a group unlike any other and I am truly so thankful for this program.


This program has been my life jacket in a very stormy sea of grief. I am the person who ultimately has to swim and get back to land but having this has given me hope that I will get there, in my own time and with the help of Heather and my companions in the online sessions.

Is Awaken Grief Support Group
right for you? 

Grief is a very personal experience, and you probably have questions. Read our F.A.Q. or schedule a free 20 minute zoom session with Heather to see if Awaken can help you navigate grief. 

Awaken is not a substitute for therapy, but may be used as an adjunct to your existing treatment

If you have a psychiatric diagnosis that includes psychosis, such as hallucinations or active flashbacks, meditation may exacerbate your suffering. This may also be true for traumatic losses. Please clear this program with your mental health provider before registering. You can schedule a free consultation before registering for Awaken to help you decide if it is right for your circumstance and help communicate what Awaken offers to your mental health team. Private sessions may be more appropriate at first to help customize your approach to what can be a helpful tool in coping with traumatic grief. 

Compassionate grief support is just a few clicks away.

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